Apulian orecchiette, Italian durum wheat semolina pasta - 17.6oz

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This delicious Apulian-style orecchiette pasta is the perfect addition to any meal.

Made with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, the orecchiette is produced according to traditional Apulian processing techniques, ensuring that each bite is full of flavor.

Its unique shape, with its characteristic "ear" shape, makes it perfect for holding sauces and creams. It cooks quickly and can be used in a variety of Italian dishes, including pasta salads, soups, and much more.

With its high quality ingredients, this orecchiette pasta is sure to add a delicious, authentic Italian touch to any meal.

Ingredients: Italian durum wheat semolina, water

Cooking time: 14 minutes

Net weight: 17.6oz

More Information

More Information
Main ingredientsPasta
ScopeFirst course
Cooking time14 minutes
Type of recipeClassic Italian