Coriander seeds - 1.1oz

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Coriander seeds are the dried and ripe fruit of the coriander plant.

They have a light, nutty, slightly lemony flavor and aroma, making them perfect for adding a unique depth of flavor to any meal.

Lightly toast the seeds before adding them, whole, crushed or grinded, to your dish: this will bring out the nutty, lemony flavor, and it only takes a few minutes.

This 1.1 oz plastic jar of whole coriander seeds is perfect for any preparation.

Whole coriander seeds are perfect for adding flavor to tomato sauce, BBQs, soups, and salads.

They are also great for making flavorful curries, adding depth to Mexican dishes, and for providing a unique flavor to pickles and chutneys.

Add them to heavy cream with parsley, pepper, paprika and lemon juice for an extra tasty and fresh BBQ sauce.

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