Extra-large cous cous with smoked, sweet paprika

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For busy home cooks looking for a quick and easy meal to make, Italian cous cous with sweet smoked paprika is the perfect choice. This one-pot meal is made with 100% natural ingredients and is ready to cook in just three easy steps. Cous cous is a type of pasta that has been popular in Italy for centuries. This dish combines the traditional Mediterranean-style cous cous with smoky paprika for a unique flavor. The sweet smoked paprika adds a depth of flavor to the dish, and the combination of the two is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The best part about this meal is that all the ingredients are included in the same package. The cous cous, paprika, and seasonings are all included, so there is no need to buy separate ingredients for having a delicious meal ready to serve. It's perfect as side dish for BBQ or casseroles but you can also use it as a base of a bowl simply adding some fresh vegetables and tuna in oil or garbanzos for a healthy plant based meal in minutes.

DIRECTIONS: Bring 550 ml of water and 2 or more tbsp oil to a boil in large non-stick skillet or pan.  
Add the contents of the package, mix for 1 minute, cover, turn off the heat and let it rest for 7/9 minutes. Season to taste, add grated cheese and olive oil before serving.

SUGGESTIONS: add 1/4 of glass of white wine into the boiling water. Serve with 80g of thiny slices of veal cooked in 1/2 glass of wine.

WINE PAIRING: Cabernet Sauvignon or red, still, medium body wines.

INGREDIENTS: Cuscus (durum WHEAT semolina, water) 85%, smoked paprika 4%, vegetal broth (salt, SOY and corn protein extract for stock, dehydrated vegetables in varying proportions (potato, carrot, onion, garlic, parsley, CELERY, tomato), tomato, onion, CELERY, carrot, garlic, extravirgin olive oil, black pepper. May contain trace of: other cereals containing GLUTEN, ALMOND, HAZELNUT, SOY, TUNA, MUSTARD, SQUID, EGG. Does not contain glutamate added, chemical additives or animal derivatives.

Keep in dry, cool and dark place.
Origin of cous cous: Italy
Produced with dehydrated ingredients
The product must be consumed after cooking.


COOKING TIME: 9 minutes


More Information

More Information
Main ingredientsCous cous, Smoked sweet paprika
ScopeSide dish
Cooking time9 minuti
Wine suggestedRed Wine