Tiberino’s One-pot meals have a very long shelf life (24 months) and being dry meals, can be stored in a cool dark place at ambient temperature.

Tiberino’s One-pot meals contain their own sauce, you will just need a no-stick pan, water and oil o r butter.
If you like, you can add your personal touch to prepare a real gourmet meal.

Yes you could but we suggest you to follow the directions on the back label to obtain an authentic premium Italian meal.

Generally your order will be processed in 24 hours and forwarded though DHL.
Delivery time may vary from 2 up to 5 days depending on your Country.

We preparare with love all our Tiberino’s One-pot meals in the same plant.
The durum wheat semolina premium Italian pasta we use in our Tiberino’s One-pot meals of course contains gluten.
For these reason, other Tiberino’s One-pot meals, although prepared with ingredients naturally not containing gluten, can’t anyway be considered gluten free because a cross contamination can’t be excluded.

The largest part of the ingredients we use to prepare our Tiberino’s One-pot meals come from Italy or Europe.
We always prefer ingredients harvested and processed in Italy or Europe because they are NO-GMO and match the highest quality standard in the World.
Obviously some ingredients can’t be grown in Europe, such as Basmati rice or black pepper, so in that case we select the best sources outside Europe, always seriously checking their quality.

Of course yes! In our Tiberino’s One-pot meals you will never find an artificial ingredient, coloring or preservative.

Tiberino’s One-pot meals are certified with the highest grade according to the IFS quality certification, one of the most well known certification all over the world.
Some of Tiberino’s One-pot meals are even Kosher certified.

Our packaging are made of recyclable plastic.
We are committed in a program of plastic and packaging reduction to reach the ambitious goal of using 66% less packaging in all our products.

We do ship almost all over the World!
Shipping cost outside Italy may vary depending on destination but shipping cost is free for orders above 100€.

You can safely pay by credit card or PayPal.