Fregola, durum wheat semolina Italian pasta from Sardinia Island - 17.6oz

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This traditional Italian fregola from Sardinia is the perfect addition to any gourmet pasta dish.

Its unique shape is perfect for capturing the flavors of your favorite sauces.

The individual balls of fregola pasta are full of flavor, and the texture is slightly crunchy on the outside with a soft, chewy interior.

Great for soups, salads, and main dishes, this classic pasta shape is a great way to add a unique twist to your favorite recipes.

Add a touch of Italian flair to your kitchen with this classic fregola pasta from Sardinia.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water

Cooking time: 16 minutes

Net weight: 17.6oz

More Information

More Information
Main ingredientsPasta
ScopeFirst course
Cooking time16 minutes
Type of recipeClassic Italian