Sardinian Fregola pasta with red bell-peppers and salted capers

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Fregola is a traditional Italian pasta made from durum wheat semolina, which gives it its unique texture and flavor. It usually comes in small, round granules, but Fregola with Red Bell-Peppers and Salted Capers is a ready-to-cook version: the package includes all the ingredients you need to make this delicious dish in one-pot, including Fregola, red bell-peppers, salted capers, and more.

Everything is 100% natural. Fregola with Red Bell-Peppers and Salted Capers is a delicious, hearty meal that can be enjoyed on its own or served as a side dish.

The combination of Fregola, bell-peppers, and capers creates a perfect balance of flavors, with a hint of saltiness from the capers. The Fregola also has a satisfying, chewy texture that is sure to please. With Fregola with Red Bell-Peppers and Salted Capers, you can enjoy a delicious and authentic Italian meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

DIRECTIONS: Bring 750 ml of water and 2 or more tbsp oil to a boil in large non-stick skillet or pan.  
Stir in the content of the package, cover and cook over medium-low heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add more water as needed. Remove the lid and continue to cook for 2 minutes or more UNTIL THE WATER IS ALMOST COMPLETELY ABSORBED AND THE SAUCE IS CREAMY. Season with salt, add extra virgin olive oil and let it rest for 1 minute before serving. 

SUGGESTIONS: add 1/4 of glass of white wine into the boiling water. During cooking add 2 large tbsp of minced meat; to obtain a creamy sauce, add some heavy cream approximately 2 minutes before removing from flame.

WINE PAIRING: Cabernet Sauvignon or red, still, medium body wines.

INGREDIENTS: pasta (durum WHEAT semolina, water) 87,5%,vegetal broth ( salt, SOYA and corn protein extract for stock, dehydrated vegetables in varying proportions (potato, carrot, onion, garlic, parsley, CELERY, tomato), corn seed oil), tomato,  bellpepper 1,6%, capers 1%, CELERY, carrot, garlic, onion, extravirgin olive oil, black pepper. May contain trace of: other cereals containing GLUTEN, ALMOND, HAZELNUT, TUNA, MUSTARD, SQUID, EGG. Does not contain glutamate added, chemical additives or animal derivatives.

Keep in dry, cool and dark place. Origin of pasta: Italy. Produced with dehydrated ingredients. The product must be consumed after cooking.


COOKING TIME: 14/16 minutes


More Information

More Information
Main ingredientsCapers, Pasta, Peppers
ScopeFirst course
Cooking time16 minuti
Type of recipeClassic Italian
Wine suggestedRed Wine