Juniper berries, whole - 1.1oz

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Juniper Whole Berries are the perfect ingredient for any preparation, such as infusions, risottos, marinades, and more.

Comes in a 1.1oz plastic jar to preserve flavor and keep your pantry clean.

These berries are a great way to season roasted and braised meat, and also have digestive and antiseptic properties.

Use them to make a juniper infusion by leaving to infuse for 5 minutes 15g crushed juniper berries in 1 litre of hot water. Drink 2 cups per day to facilitate diuresis, alleviate coughing and cure urinary tract.

You can also macerate 10 g crushed juniper berries in 1 litre of white wine with 1 lemon peel for 2 weeks and drink a shot after meals to prevent heartburn and meteorism.

Add a unique flavor to your dishes with these juniper berries!

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