OurVACUUM line of Italian one-pot meals include a wide range of ready-to-cook dishes made in Italy with 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected and processed to always grant the utmost in terms of taste and quality.

The range includes pastas, risottos, couscous, soups and vegan casseroles.

Our Italian recipes, from the most classic ones like Bucatini all'amatriciana to the most original ones like Goulash with porcini mushrooms. This line is only for specialty food premium retailers who want to offer to their customers only unique and sophisticated products. The widest range, the wooden displays, the flexible commercial conditions are just some of the pluses we reserve to our customers for building a long-term relationship.

Tiberino'sDELICATESSEN are the result of years of research, selection of ingredients, trials and tastings, many years, over a hundred.

Hand-crafted pasta, the most special taralli, the best and most fragrant spices & herbs, the most flavorful legumes, packaged with care and so much love, to always offer the best in terms of quality of products and packaging to food boutiques.