From the experience of 4 generations and from the collaboration with NASA, ESA and ASI, the OUTFOOD line of Tiberino1888 was born.

Meals ready for all outdoor lovers: hiking, boating, extreme camping, climbing and all those activities that require a simple, substantial and easy and quick preparation.

The packaging is designed to offer the possibility of hydrating the content with the addition of boiling water: just pour the water into the bag, mix well, close the bag with the appropriate zip and wait max 10 minutes to consume a nutritious and healthy meal prepared with only natural ingredients.

The OUTFOOD line includes:

MONOPORTION packs, ideal for advanced fields and extreme situations where the main needs are the speed and simplicity of preparation with little means of preparation available, the same compact packaging is used both to prepare the meal with the simple addition of boiling water and to consume it comfortably thanks to its stand-up shape.

MULTIPORTION packages (10 large portions), ideal for base camps where minimum comfort requires the availability of crockery and pots where cooking the meal for more people.

All OUTFOOD meals are 100% natural, balanced to offer the right nutritional intake for most needs and also available in VEGAN and PROTEIN+ variants with the addition of vegetable proteins for specific dietary needs.