After a long work that lasted months and after facing multiple issues that had nothing to do with food, but rather with innovative packaging, microgravity, nutritional values and food preservation in extreme environments, we managed to accomplish the impossible: to bring Italian cuisine among the stars! Today it is almost normal to see astronauts consuming meals more and more similar to what we eat on Earth, a great part of this innovation was possible thanks to our pioneering commitment in this field. The study of the specific needs of astronauts in microgravity environment allowed us to expand our horizons towards new goals. Thanks to the many collaborations in this field, we have created a line of ready-made dishes to be quickly prepared and consumed easily and efficiently. The Outfood line includes breakfasts and complete meals for any palate even for vegans. Perfect for sports enthusiasts, emergency professionals and for those who simply need to be able to consume a good and nutritious meal in a few minutes without all the comforts of a real kitchen. Outfood range inlcudes many, delicious and 100% natural meals, ready to any adventure just like you.

Discovery STS-120

"Un grande passo per la cucina italiana"

"In 2007 we were the first in history to design and create an astronaut menu. We faced specific and very special needs but we never gave up! In the end we succeeded and we had the satisfaction of bringing Italian cuisine among the stars"


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Discovery STS-133

"Missione compiuta"

"Mission Discovery STS-133 Also this time the bonus food on board were 100% TIBERINO 1888! In June 2011 the last DICOVERY mission successfully closed: the Shuttle will no longer fly and will go down in history. Aboard the ISS Colonel Roberto Vittori replaced Paolo Nespoli, the famous Italian astronaut."


Missione Volare

Luca Parmitano

"The bonus food TIBERINO1888 returns to the ISS with Luca Parmitano, the most beloved of the Italian astronauts! On board the ISS for 6 long months Luca participates in many experiences, about 20, and also goes out for a walk outside the International Space Station that despite a dangerous unexpected ending positively for our hero."


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