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Mild curry powder

Mild curry powder

    • Plant based
    • 40 g
    • 24 months
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    Curry was originally a mix of spices. It combines the presence of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, making its taste lighter and characterized by sweet notes. The intense amber color together with its mild taste makes it suitable even for those who do not like spicy recipes, but want to flavor them with a tasty and special touch.

    If you love Middle Eastern cuisine you will love curry as well.

    Curry is a preparation made from turmeric to in which are added other spices in variable quantities according to the result you want to achieve.

    For this reason there are infinite varieties of curry, more strong or milder, spicier or sweeter.

    Our curry is very fragrant and flavorful, not spicy, that can enhance any recipe.

    The handy plastic jar packaging with screw cap is perfect for storing it in the pantry and preserving its fragrance, but above all without the curry spilling everywhere.

    You can use it to prepare burgers, to season chicken or lamb, to make tasty sour cream or white yogurt-based sauces that are excellent for flavoring BBQ or dressing salads.

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