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"Fregola" (or Fregula) pasta - Durum wheat semolina pasta

"Fregola" (or Fregula) pasta - Durum wheat semolina pasta

  • 6 por.
  • 14 min.
  • Plant based
  • 500 g
  • 24 months
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Fregola (or "Sa Fregula") is a pasta shape typical from Sardinia region, in Italy, and usually not so easy to find "on the continent"!

SUGGESTIONS: shaped like a small chickpea, the "Fregola Sarda" keeps cooking simply perfectly, which is also why it is much appreciated by many chefs for important preparations or cold dishes. Excellent for original pasta salads, Fregola is perfect with red meat-based sauces, with porcini mushrooms, with seafood or even in vegetable soups. Our suggestion is therefore to try it in many different recipes with the ingredients you love most, Fregola will never disappoint you!

INGREDIENTS : durum wheat semolina, water.

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