Crispy taralli, durum wheat semolina pasta, olive oil and many other Italian specialties directly from our to your pantry.

Discover our selection of high-quality artisanal products, crafted with skillful hands to always offer you the best. Choose from artisanal Italian pasta, premium spices, fine herbs, dried porcini mushrooms, Apulian taralli, Italian extra virgin olive oil, white truffle oil and premium legumes.

  • Apulian Taralli

    Our Taralli are crafted by master artisans using traditional recipes and only natural ingredients. Savor the intense flavor of the dough made with wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and white wine and enjoy the crispiness of the perfect baking. Explore all the pairings and let yourself be enveloped by the aroma of toasted onion, hazelnuts, or almonds. Enjoy Apulian Taralli as a salty snack or an original appetizer served with a glass of good wine.

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  • Italian Pasta: bronze-cut, made with durum wheat semolina, fresh water and tradition

    If you love pasta made from carefully selected Italian grains, slowly dried and bronze-cut to perfectly embrace your favorite sauces, you've come to the right place. Choose your favorite pasta shape from Apulian Orecchiette to lemon flavored Cavatelli, Spinach-infused Trofie, Squid Ink Spaghetti, and many others. Discover the excellence you unexpected.

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  • Legumes, Beans & Cereals

    For a healthy diet, rich in more digestible and sustainable plant proteins, in the TIBERINO'S PANTRY you'll find the perfect ingredients. Choose from brown to green lentils, imported giant garbanzo, Apulian black garbanzo, mixed beans and legumes soups, pearled barley and spelt.

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  • Premium spices & fine herbs

    To flavor any dish, soup, roast, casserole or to prepare your own BBQ secret rub, you'll always find what you were looking for in the TIBERINO'S PANTRY. Explore the wide selection of premium spices and fine, aromatic herbs. The convenient screw-top jars, functional and reusable, will help you keeping everything organized and your pantry always clean. Pink, green, white, or black pepper, freeze-dried basil, cloves, whole nutmeg, juniper berries, dry garlic, dry roasted onion, curry, smoked paprika and much more. In the TIBERINO'S PANTRY, you'll find them all.

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  • Extra virgin Italian olive oil & white truffle oil

    Did you know that not all extra virgin olive oils are the same? Beyond the intense or delicate flavor, the extra virgin olive oil must always be nothing but the best: produced in Italy with olives harvested in Italy. Tiberino's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered to preserve all the earthy aromas and is made with olives harvested in our region, Puglia, crushed with granite mills and cold-pressed just like we are used to do since thousands of years. Crafted with a blend of expertly selected olives varieties, Tiberino's extra virgin olive oil has a balanced, intense but not overpowering taste, perfect for any dish or preparation, from salads to soups, from bruschettas to roasted meats. With the addition of natural White Truffle aroma, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil transforms into a refined seasoning for gourmet dishes.

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