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Apulian "roasted" Orecchiette, Italian durum wheat semolina pasta

Apulian "roasted" Orecchiette, Italian durum wheat semolina pasta

  • 6 por.
  • 14 min.
  • Plant based
  • 500 g
  • 24 months
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Orecchiette is the quintessential pasta of Apulia, deriving its name from its characteristic shape resembling small ears. Orecchiette with burnt wheat are crafted using Italian durum wheat semolina blended with 20% toasted wheat. With their robust texture and smoky flavor, they epitomize the authenticity and tradition of Puglia's culinary heritage.

Once considered a humble dish, farmers would create them using grains leftover in the fields after burning the stubble post-harvest. Today, they've evolved into a delicacy appreciated by true enthusiasts, capable of enhancing any sauce. Their porous texture captures the essence of the seasoning, delivering an intense flavor experience.

Versatile and adaptable to any sauce, orecchiette with burnt wheat pair exceptionally well with a white seafood sauce. Indulge in the richness of Puglia's flavors with each bite of these exquisite pasta gems.

INGREDIENTS : Italian durum wheat semolina, 20% burnt wheat, water.

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