From the experience of 4 generations and from the collaboration with NASA, ESA and ASI, is born the TIBERINO 1888 OUTFOOD line.

Enjoy an authentic Italian meal wherever you are with OUTFOOD, plant-based meals made in Italy for outdoor gourmeters.

If you love outdoor life, if you practice hiking, boating, camping, climbing, speleology, hiking, extreme cycling or if you simply spend free time in the woods, mountains, sea, lakes or countryside, OUTFOOD's freeze-dried, plant-based meals will be the your perfect traveling companions.

Born in the Space from a unique know-how developed in collaboration with NASA and ESA, OUTFOOD balanced, plant-based meals are the first Italian line of gourmet meals specifically designed for you. Prepared with complex carbohydrates provided by pasta and vegetable proteins, they will allow you to fill up with energy without weighing you down.

Thanks to the convenient packaging, you can prepare an authentic Italian meal in just a few minutes wherever you are and without additional equipment.


    Designed for extreme situations, advanced fields and all those circumstances in which you cannot or have no time to enjoy any cooking equipment.

    The special packaging will allow you to prepare your meal without interrupting your activity. Add boiling water inside the package and seal with the zip, in 10 minutes your premium, nutritious meal will be ready to be consumed directly from the same pouch.


    If you have a fire, a pot and a few minutes of relax at your disposal, with OUTFOOD BASECAMP meals you'll be able to prepare an authentic Italian dish in minutes and enjoy all the restoring power of natural, plant-based and 100% natural ingredients in it.

    Bring the water to a boil, stir in the contents of the package and simmer without draining.

    Many delicious recipes, from pasta to soups, from risotto to vegan goulash, the BASECAMP line will be perfect everywhere: on a boat, in a camper, on a campsite or in a mountain house.