Just the goodness of Italian cuisine! Prepare your best risotto, pasta, soup or cous cous ever in 3 easy steps.

With Tiberino's one-pot meals, you can finally prepare a delicious and healthy meal with no stress and no mess. 3-easy-step cooking and no additional ingredients needed, you only need to add water and oil or butter, we've already taken care of all the rest! Tiberino's one-pot meals contain 100% natural ingredients only, air-dry at low temperature and expertly blended to ensure a chef-worthy result. With TIBERINO'S ONE-POT MEALS you will enjoy just the best of Italian cuisine without spending hours cooking, washing pots or addi (and expensive) list of onal ingredients.

This is why you are going to love Tiberino!

  • Authentic Italian recipes, for Eatalian Gourmets

    With TIBERINO'S ONE-POT MEALS you can choose from the widest range of recipes, all different, all delicious.

    From spicy Penne all'Arrabbiata to Spaghetti with Bottarga and lemon zest, from Basmati rice with curry and raisins to Sicilian couscous, discover the one you will love more.

  • 100% natural, just the way you like it!

    Do you pay a lot of attention to what you eat and always prefer natural foods? Great minds think alike! Every single day we choose only natural, NO-GMO ingredients, carefully selected and processed with love to always offer you an authentic gourmet meal!

  • Good, natural, easy

    Do you like to eat well but don't like spending too much time cooking? Great, you are in the right place! There is nothing simpler than preparing a TIBERINO'S ONE-POT MEAL: bring water to a boil, stir in the contents of the package, set the timer and let it simmer without draining.

  • Let's start cooking as an Italia chef!

    Who said that a ready to cook dish couldn't be worthy of an authentic chef? Follow the suggestions and the wine pairing on the label or give free rein to your cooking instinct adding your personal touch to prepare a mouth-watering dish in minutes!


Pick your favorite recipe within dozens of Italian delicious ones.

With dozens of recipes available and a variety of ingredients as wide as ours, you'll be spoiled for choice. Search, try, love the perfect recipe for you!


    Our pasta recipes contain only 100% natural ingredients and no coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives.

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    Tiberino's ready to cook risottos satisfy the most demanding palates with their creaminess and intense flavor.

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    Tiberino's ready to cook couscous are prepared with premium Italian couscous with extra large grains, naturally dehydrated vegetables and very fine spices and herbs.

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    Tiberino ready to cook soups, prepared with lots of love and only natural ingredients, just like you would do.

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    Prepared with European NO-GMO soy chunks, vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs, our recipes will satisfy you with unique, intense flavors and lightness.

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3-easy-step cooking

There is nothing simpler than preparing a TIBERINO'S ONE-POT MEAL. You can finally focus on the best part of your favorite meal: just eating!

  • Bring the water to a boil with 2 tbsp of oil or butter

  • Stir in the contents of the package, cover and simmer for the stated cooking time

  • Enjoy! Add your personal touch or your favorite proteins to a complete meal

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Authentic Italian taste


What does dehydrated mean?

Dehydration is a preservation process that simply consists in removing the water contained in a fresh ingredient thanks to hot air.
Through this process, the water contained in an ingredient goes from a maximum of 90% to just 10-15%, allowing freshness to be preserved for a long time without the use of any preservative.

Is preparing Tiberino's one-pot meals so easy and quick as stated?

Preparing Tiberino's one-pot meals is so simple!

Just bring water to a boil with a couple of spoons of oil, stir in the contents of the package, cover and let it simmer for the stated time without draining. You will find all the details, wine pairing and suggestions to add a real chef's touch to your dish on the label.

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Tiberino's one-pot meals are IFS HIGHER GRADE certified. The IFS is one of the most authoritative food certifications and is globally recognized thanks to the high quality standards it imposes on food manufacturers. "HIGHER GRADE" is the maximum score assigned by IFS inspectors following the annual surprise audit and is assigned only to those companies found compliant with all the requirements of the IFS standard.

Are Primi Tiberino vegan?

Tiberino's one-pot meals are Italian gourmet ready meals, prepared with carefully selected premium ingredients and, unless the recipe specifically states differently, they do not contain any animal derivatives such as milk or eggs.

What does 100% natural mean?

Tiberino's one-pot meals, like all our products, are prepared with wisdom and love. Precisely the love for what our family have been doing for over a century requires us to use only high quality, certified, 100% natural raw ingredients, with NO-GMO, additives, chemical flavourings, preservatives, palm oil or added glutamate. We like to create and offer our customers only the best, only what we offer to our loved ones.