The study of the specific needs of astronauts in a microgravity environment has allowed us to broaden our horizons towards new goals on the field of dehydrated ready meals.

  • After months of extensive work and addressing various topics that weren't solely related to food but also involved innovative packaging, microgravity, nutritional values, and food preservation in extreme environments, we achieved an impossible mission: bringing Italian cuisine among the stars!

  • Today, it's quite common to see astronauts consuming meals more and more similar to what we eat on Earth, and a significant portion of this innovation has been made possible by our pioneering efforts in this field.

  • Through numerous collaborations in this field, we've created a line of ready-to-rehydrate dishes, designed to be easily consumed in a simple and efficient manner. The OUTFOOD line includes breakfasts, high in carbo and high in plant baed proteins meals as well as balanced meals, catering to both outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, all of them plant based.

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