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Spaghetti alla Caprese with salted capers and smoked paprika

Spaghetti alla Caprese with salted capers and smoked paprika

  • 2 - 3 por.
  • 10 - 12 min.
  • Red wine
  • Plant based
  • 200 g
  • 24 months
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Prepared with bronze-extruded spaghettoni, salted capers, sweet smoked paprika, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs, this recipe inspired by the Island of Capri will be incredibly easy to prepare.

In one convenient package, you'll find all the ingredients, 100% natural, to make this incredibly flavorful and tantalizing recipe in just a few minutes, perfect for those who enjoy bold tastes.

Great for a quick yet flavorful spaghetti meal, perfect for a dinner with friends or for indulging in front of the TV, it also lends itself to being enriched with your touch as a true chef.

PREPARATION: In a non-stick pan or pot, bring 750ml of water and 2 or more tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to a boil. Pour the contents of the packet, cover, and cook over medium-low heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add more water if necessary. Remove the lid and continue cooking for 2 minutes or more until the water is almost completely absorbed and the sauce is creamy. Adjust the salt, add extra virgin olive oil, and let it rest for 1 minute before serving.

TIPS: During cooking, add 4 anchovy fillets in oil and serve with toasted breadcrumbs in the oven or in a pan.

WINE PAIRING: Sovana Rosso Superiore DOC or medium-bodied red wine.

INGREDIENTS: pasta (durum wheat semolina, water) 88%, tomato, onion, salt, celery, carrot, paprika 0.7%, capers 0.6%, garlic, parsley, oregano, extra virgin olive oil. May contain traces of: other cereals containing gluten, almonds, hazelnuts, soy, tuna, mustard, cuttlefish, eggs. Does not contain added glutamate, chemical ingredients, or animal derivatives. Store in a cool, dry place away from light sources. Produced with dehydrated ingredients. Pasta origin: Italy. To be consumed after cooking.
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