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Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms

Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms

  • 2 - 3 por.
  • 9 - 10 min.
  • Red wine
  • Plant based
  • 200 g
  • 24 months
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Polenta with porcini mushrooms is indeed one of the tastiest dishes in Italian cuisine. However, its traditional recipe often demands considerable time and culinary skills.

But now, with ready-to-cook polenta with porcini mushrooms, anyone can easily prepare a delicious and healthy dish in no time. This product is 100% natural and contains all the necessary ingredients already mixed together: corn flour, porcini mushrooms, salt, and aromatic herbs.

To prepare polenta with porcini mushrooms, simply cook the contents of the package in a pot, following just 3 simple steps.

Polenta with porcini mushrooms is a simple yet flavorful dish to serve as a first course or main dish. It's an excellent choice for those who want to prepare a complete, light, and flavorful meal in just a few minutes.

PREPARATION : bring 1 liter of water to the boil with 4 tablespoons of oil or butter.
Before the water starts to boil, pour in the contents of the package, stirring carefully without stopping until the polenta begins to detach from the walls of the pan (ABOUT 7 minutes). Serve by spreading on a tray and leaving to cool for a few minutes.

TIPS : season the polenta before serving with 60 grams of butter and 100 grams of diced Asiago.

WINE PAIRING : Sangiovese di Romagna DOC or light red wines.

INGREDIENTS : corn flour 88.5%, porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) 4.7%, vegetable broth (Salt, SOY and corn vegetable protein broth extract, dehydrated vegetables in variable proportions (potato, carrot, onion, garlic, parsley, CELERY, tomato), corn seed oil.), garlic, carrot, CELERY, onion, parsley, leek, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper. May contain traces of: GLUTEN, ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, SOY, TUNA, MUSTARD, CUTTLEFISH, EGGS. Contains no added glutamate, chemical ingredients or animal derivatives. Store in a cool, dry place and away from light sources. Corn origin: Italy. Produced with dehydrated ingredients. To be consumed after cooking.

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