"Ours is not simply a business or a shop but rather a passion that we pass down from father to son: the passion for making fine foods better and better"

Nicola Tiberino 1906

Tiberino is our family and business name. It firstly appeared on the sign of a food specialty shop in 1888, in the heart of Bari old town.

  • Today, as in 1888, our sole purpose is to offer unique and exquisite foods and allow anyone, anywhere, to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine.

  • Our one is a family company, our work is carried out with the care and the wisdom of the past to preserve tastes and traditions even in today products.

  • Our philosophy is simple and never changed in over a century: we always choose just premium, natural ingredients and put all our passion and inspiration in creating with them the best specialities ever.

"History is a great present, never just a noble past"


  • Our family company history counts 4 generations of Tiberinos.

    It all began towards the end of 1800, when the founder, Nicola Tiberino, started his business in a small shop in via Vallisa in Bari old town.
    After a few years his sons, Raffaele and Tommaso, joined their father and the business soon turned from a small shop into a wholesaler.

    In the early post-WWII Raffaele’s son, named Nicola as his grandfather, joined the company. Thanks to his innovative vision and curiosity, the business suddenly turned into one of the first fine food importing companies in Puglia.

    In 1999, when Nicola’s son, who according to tradition bears the name of his grandfather Raffaele, joined him, the business changed to manufacturing of premium ready meals.

"If you want a happy life you have to dedicate it to a goal"


  • In the pursuit of our goal of spreading the Italian cuisine worldwide, we are proud to have been able to take it even among the stars.

    Since 2007, we have been involved in crafting the Italian meals and bonus foods for astronauts on duty on ISS (International Space Station).

    From this unique experience was born OUTFOOD, the first Made in Italy line of dry ready meals specifically studied for outdoor and emergency activities.

TIBERINO 1888, today

  • After over 100 years of work and experience from a small shop in Bari old town, we today forward our Italian one-pot meals to all over the World and even among the stars!

    Today the Tiberino brand is well known and appreciated by high end consumers looking for quality, clean label, authentic Italian fine food.

    TIBERINO'S ONE-POT MEALS are on the shelves of many gourmet stores in USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and more.