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Dried minced garlic (lightly toasted)

Dried minced garlic (lightly toasted)

    • Plant based
    • 60 g
    • 24 months
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    Garlic is one of the earliest of all cultivated plants and its success is due to its important virtues and its strong, assertive flavor, which is highly appreciated in the Mediterranean cuisine. It is characterized by a pungent aroma, which is suitable for intensifying the taste of savoury dishes and for seasoning a variety of recipes: including sauces, baking recipes and for preparing sautéed foods and dips.

    Garlic powder is simple to use and offers an intense and lingering taste. It is also easier to store than fresh garlic, as it has a longer shelf life. It is also easier to measure out and there is no need to chop or mince fresh garlic.

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